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Top 5 things to do on Three kings day in Puerto Rico

Three kings day in Puerto Rico is January 6th of every year. The holiday can be super fun and there are so many things you can do. Here we list just our top 5 things to do in Puerto Rico on Three Kings Day. However, depending on your age, or the average age in your traveling group, other things might be more interesting. Here we will try to focus on some things that all ages can enjoy!

  1. Hit the beach! A fun local tradition for Puerto Rican families on many holidays, including Three Kings Day, is to hit the beach. For families with older kids, usually the family will go to mass in the morning, the beach after mass, and then the kids will split up and meet their friends at other beaches later on in the day. Some great beaches to get away to are: a) Piñones Beach b) Luquillo Beach c) Mar Chiquita d) Pozo De Las Mujeres It's a fun day-trip holiday for local families. See something new!

  2. Chill by a river or waterfall! For local families who live more inland, time spent by the river is more common. It's certainly an escape from the sun and heat. Here by the river the water will be much colder and there will be much more shade under trees to escape the sun. Check out: a) Los Pailas b) Gozalandia c) Rio Tanama

  3. Walk around Old San Juan It may sound a bit touristy, but experiencing 500 years of history is always interesting. For the kids, have them fly kites in El Morro's famous front yard -- a sprawling open field. For the adults, grab a refreshing Piña Colada at Cinema Bar, which overlooks the open field of El Morro. If you are into history, a tour (or a specialty tour,) of the forts is a MUST. If not, then just walk around the narrow winding streets of the Old City. Pop into cool stores, stop for amazing food, check out some hidden rooftop bars.

  4. A day trip to a traditional Puerto Rican Three Kings festival Most commercial establishments will be closed on Three kings day in Puerto Rico. For some taste of a real Puerto Rican three kings tradition, head to the small town of Juana Diaz on the day before Three Kings Day. Around Three Kings Day every year there is a three kings festival which you can't miss! This is for the guests who want to see and experience a real Puerto Rican experience, just like the locals do! Juana Diaz about an hours drive from San Juan, but there are great things to do around the area! a) Check out Ponce! (Quickly, because there is more to see..) b) Visit a local coffee plantation! c) Check out Guanica d) Visit Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo, a top five most beautiful beach in Puerto Rico

  5. Do something adventurous! Let yourself get wild! Go zip lining or horseback riding or ATVing! This is an alternative way to see Puerto Rican natural beauty! Toro Verde is one of the islands best Zip Lining parks. It has the worlds second longest single Zip Line, which shoots you between two mountain peaks. It's second longest only to Dubai!

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