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Put your vacation rental property in Puerto Rico to work for you!

Become one of our property partners and let us take care everything for you. 

Hiring Tropicalia Rentals is not for everyone

Running a vacation rental property usually takes up just a little less amount of time than a part time job would. Some people have the free time, and social desire, to handle their vacation rental for themselves. And for those people, hiring a property management company would not be not for them. 

Too busy to keep up with it all?

We take care of everything! If you already have a full time job, or if you don't live in Puerto Rico full time, or if you don't want to run around all day filling requests and resolving problems, then a property management company might be a good fit. 

Let us handle the details, turn your property into rental income

The work it takes to get great reviews, keep properties clean and like new, and resolve the many many issues that comes with living in the tropics, is not easy! But this is what we do!

Relax, take back your life

Since we're doing the work: Learn a new skill or hobby, practice yoga or go to the gym, hit the beach or take a hike in the rainforest. Or travel to your next island! 

Air Bnb Apartment Cleaning  Service

Looking for someone to clean your Air Bnb vacation rental property in Puerto Rico. Tropicalia has a dedicated full-time cleaning staff working to keep your vacation rental clean and looking like new. This service is INCLUDED in all Tropicalia property maintenance plans. 

Finding someone to clean your vacation rental is half the battle. The other half is keeping your vacation rental apartment in Puerto Rico clean against the tropical weather! There are lots of tropical nuances that need attention weekly which might not be too concerning in colder climates. We make sure that your vacation rental property is clean and ready for all types of guests. 

Guest Relations

Working with guests is not always easy. Tropicalia Rentals is here to completely care for guests in Puerto Rico for you. There are three main reasons why this is a challenge for our property partners. 

Some of our property partners either are not here physically in Puerto Rico, so they can not handle guest meetings or requests. Others work full time professional jobs and don't have the free time to run over after work to deliver extra toilet paper, or turn the TV to the right channel for the cable TV to work, for example. And the third group just does not want to deal with the every day, minor to not so minor, problems that their guests bring them. Their free time is too valuable to them to spend 10 to 15 hours per week running errands, fixing problems, and coordinating cleanings or repairs. This is INCLUDED!

Advertising & marketing

We help with new photos for your property, the content for your listing page, and on-boarding your vacation rental to the advertising websites.  Please revise which management plan is right for your property. 


We know you're too busy to take care of all of the issues that come with owning property on a tropical island. That's why we're here to help take care of everything at your Puerto Rico Property. 

We work with top plumbing, electrical, air conditioning companies in San Juan and around Puerto Rico to guarantee the quickest solutions to any problem. 


Setting up a vacation rental property in Puerto Rico, for long or short term, can be a lot of work. 

Part of the setting up process is buying everything that will make your new unit feel like home. 

We can help with these purchasing. Finding the right decor, furniture, and colors to make your unit perfect. 

We will do all of the shopping needed to furnish your unit.

Property Management Plan Exclusions

Property Managment plan exclusions depend on which plan you are set up with. Ask and inquire with us and we can recommend the plan that works best with everything you need. We won't sell you what you don't. 

Simply, the 25% plan includes it all, and the smaller percentage plans are a "pay-as-you-go" alternative. The smallest 15% plan we offer does not include a lot, but if you plan to not need a lot, then this would be the perfect plan for you. We are still there helping you and coordinating with everything you need, but in this case less items or services are paid for by us ("included") with this plan. 

Property management 
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Tropicalia is the top full-service property management company in in Puerto Rico for short term vacation rental properties. We provide service in guest relations, check in/out, cleaning, and maintenance,
island wide 🏝

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