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We will reach out as soon as possible to schedule a visit to begin creating your listing pages! Please make sure your community allows vacation rental.

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This is the first step to listing your vacation rental in Puerto Rico. 
Please send an email with your property description and photos of your property to the email address below.
Please allow up to 24-hours for a response.

What else we help with

No photography?
No problem - we have photographers. 

Have a new unit that needs a little upgrade?
No problem - we have contractors and handymen.

Air conditioner not cooling right?
No problem - we help resolve your typical island problems quickly. 

Need an apartment cleaned but haven't started renting yet? Or do you have family or friends coming in to use your Puerto Rico apartment for a weekend? 
No problem - We have a great full time cleaning staff with supervisors to make sure that the unit is in great shape. We also work with professional cleaning companies in Puerto Rico to make sure to get you the best rates, no matter what the job. 


Depending on your property management plan, and how you choose to be paid out, these extra services can either be deducted from future payouts at your approval, paid at the end of the week, or completely free of charge. We make sure your apartment is always in top shape, and taken care of. We take care of the inspections, cleaning, the calls, coordination when something happens. Again, the idea is that our property owners don't have to do anything -- we take care of it. 

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