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Top 4 best pizza places in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a bunch of top pizza places we can highlight. The best pizza places in Puerto Rico, in our opinion, can be found right here on this list. Check out our list bellow!

All of the spots on this list can be considered "Number 1," since there are so many spots, and so many different kinds of pizzas. If you like pizza, you need to try all four of these best pizza spots in Puerto Rico.

  1. Dorotea' Pizza in Lote 23, Santurce, Puerto Rico Dorotea's Pizza is located in Lote 23, which is sort of like a food truck park, but with stalls. Each of the tables have games, and there are two stalls that serve alcohol. This is a think crust oven baked pizza. The smoke from the brick oven adds a killer flavor, and the real fire adds a layer of crisp over the toppings and crust. If you are on the search for the best thin crust pizza in Puerto Rico, this is the stop you need to make.

  2. LOIZA 2050, on Calle Loiza, San Juan, Puerto Rico Loiza 2050 is the new incarnation of a classic (literal) hole in the wall pizza joint. The old spot was an original spot on the strip, having been there for decades. The old spot was a gated "walk-though" where you could pick up dollar pizza by the slice. The new spot is more modern, but more or less kept the same style pizza. It's a Puerto Rican Style pizza, which has a distinct flavor to it. It's thin crust, but not overly crispy or flaky. It's something unique to try while in Puerto Rico.

  3. Putanesca Tratoria, Santurce, San Juan Putanesca Tratoria is another classic urban neighborhood pizza joint. They set out to make a Brooklyn style neighborhood pizza joint. It's certainly that. During the week you can find kids from the nearby school hanging out for a slice during lunch time, and after work you can catch their parents hanging out for a drink and a slice. They even flew in an oven right from NYC. It's a thin crust pizza that is not so crispy, and a little more doughy. Their toppings are NYC size though. The meat lovers has enough meat on it to compete with any NYC deli.

  4. Si No Corro Me Pizza, Calle Loiza, San Juan, Puerto Rico Right from Italy, Si No Corro Me Pizza is one of the best pizza places in Puerto Rico, definitely. It's a narrow joint on Calle Loiza that serves up thin crust pizza that is a bit toasty. They have really interesting pizza combinations, including our favorite: honey and prosciutto with mozzarella.

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